The Ethiopian Eunuch, Holy Spirit, and Thief on the Cross

Jan 18, 1984
Wesley Simons, Charles Cochran, and Jim Lewis
The Ethopian Eunuch - Acts 8:26-40; Caller - How do you know the Ethopian Eunuch was saved after baptism?; Caller - Discuss the church that Alexander Campbell founded; Caller - What name do we baptism in?; Caller - How would a person be baptized if not water in the desert, Why is the church of Christ called Campbellites?; Caller - Work of the Holy Sirit was working in the Eunuch's life?, If the Bible is authority haow can we buy a Bible with authority?; Caller - Baptism of Eunuch; Caller - Does the church have a government and where is the ruling body; Caller - Discuss Romans 10:10; Caller - The thief on the cross.

Spiritual Gifts

Feb 15, 1984
Wesley Simons, Charles Cochran
Tongue Speaking; Caller - Are there preacher claiming to work miracles and I am blind and crippled, They say that I don't have faith, but I do?; Caller - Please explain Matthew 13:58; Caller - Where is the nearest church of Christ in Harrison, TN; Caller - Why do you condemn people?

Jesus and Controversy

Feb 21, 1984
Wesley Simons, Charles Cochran
Jesus And Controversey; The Righteous of men verses the righteousness of God; Caller - Matthew 15:11 - What comes out of the mouth defiles man;