The Holy Spirit, Marriage, & Other Matters

Jan 10, 1991
Wesley Simons
On today's program we discuss the work of the Holy Spirit, the difference between the soul and spirit of a man, instrumental music in worship, consummation of a marriage, understanding the Bible, the Law of Moses, and the body of Christ and its place.

The Thief on the Cross & Baptism

Feb 19, 1991
Wesley Simons
On today's show, we are discussion the thief on the cross, baptism, the essential commands behind what constitutes baptism, the difference of the Church of Christ, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and raising people from the dead.

Are We Saved By Faith Only?

Mar 5, 1991
Eddy Craft, Wesley Simons, & Darrel Harrison
On today's program we discuss faith only, grace only, how we can be saved, and whether this program should continue to defend truth!

The Bible and the Bible Only

Apr 2, 1991
Eddy Craft, Bruce Leonard, & Darrell Harrison
On today's program we discuss how one can learn through God's Word, how there is a central message that God is saying to all men in the same manner, miraculous healing, the history of the Jews, and how one is to pray.