Cases of Bible Conversions

Mar 9, 0004
Eddy Craft
Today's program discusses the various conversions we find throughout the Bible in the New Testament.

The Mount of Transfiguration

Mar 11, 2004
Wesley Simons, Nathaniel Johnson, Robert Tate, & Bill Haywood
On today's program we discuss Matthew 17, Mark 9:1ff, Moses and Elijah, tithes and offerings, miracles, the superiority of Christ, and whether supporting preachers with a salary is scriptural or not.

The Sermon on the Mount

Mar 16, 0004
Wesley Simons & Eddy Craft
On today's program we discuss the teachings found in Matthew 5-7, whether Luke 6 is a contradiction to Matthew's account, taking the Lord's Supper unworthily, how to be happy when losing a loved one, knowing others in heaven, and forgiving others.

Ephesians 4 and Unity

Mar 30, 0004
Wesley Simons
On today's program we discuss the unity found within the Church, vain repetition when someone prays, and how Jesus is our only hope to heaven.


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Jul 27, 0004